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Vikin Team Huizhou Heipaijiao Hiking

On November 12th, Vikin team has had a hiking activity at Heipai jiao beach, which is located in Huizhou city.

Hiking is an exciting opportunity for people to explore new sights, get close to nature and make new friends. Johny, product department's leader was successfully guiding the team and sharing his hiking experience.
Almost all members of the company's team have joined the hiking, the youngest member was 5 years old!
The team has passed 23KM distance from 10:30AM to 17:30PM! We had a picnic at the beach with an amazing sea view and just enjoyed the nature and time with colleagues.

Hiking can be a good opportunity not only for team building, but also for relaxation after a working week to help people get out of the big cities and take mind off all problems!